About Us
She has been working in tourism for more than 20 years.
Started as a guide and got much experience with
tourists. She says travelling is one of the best things
in life. It’s something special. Organizing special
programs in Hungary is a great fun for her. However, teaching the new generation of guides and tourism
experts is also part of her life.
Although Tanja has a degree in Architecture and she worked as an architect, one day she fell in love with tourism. At first she welcomed and guided her friends and relatives arriving in Hungary. Now she is working in our office and organizing programs, but she is guiding our Russian guests. She speaks Russian and Hungarian.
She speaks English and Russian. She is very interested in Linguistic, History, History of Arts and Literature.
She is known as a communicative and enthusiastic woman who enjoys getting acquainted with other cultures.
She speaks English, Germand and Italian. She is going
to be a teacher of English and German. She is an enthusiastic guide, calmness and positive attitude characterizes her.
Sandor has recently joined our company as a tour operator and guide. He has been working in tourism for a few years, but he was always interested in travels.
He likes driving and travelling.
Agnes has experience in tourism for a period of time. She lived in Egypt for 26 years therefore she speaks Arabic language as well as French. It is important for people to communicate in their own language when in a foreign country. What is more, if you are with a person who knows the country and the cities you visit, your holiday will be a real experience.
She is addicted to every kind of arts (paintings, sculpture, architecture etc.). She loves travelling, exploring cultures, people and gastronomy of other countries. She has the spirit of adventure, she stands up to the challenges. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills, flexibility, creativity, task-orientation characterize her. Alex speaks English and German.
She speaks English and German. She is a teacher of Hungarian language and literature. Literature and guiding are her top interests. She can guide you on a „ruin pub” tour or a „thermal bath” tour, or if you feel like getting acquainted with our cultural treasures.
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