This topic is one of our and our guests’ favourite theme. And wine tours always include sightseeing and visits in special places, but the highlight is the traditional food, wines.

On our tours we visit „hidden” places, villages where you can taste authentic, delicious meals. If you feel like making traditional cakes and desserts, or picking berries, harvesting, you can do it.

Most of our guests are passionate about wine-tasting. Luckily, we have a lot of possibilities, since there are 22 wine regions in Hungary. There are well-known places, and hidden treasures as well.

Just a few of them:
  • Tokaj
    • situated in Northern Hungary
    • this wine region includes 9 villages
    • listed on the UNESCO World Heritages' List
    • famous for its „Aszú” wine
  • Villány
    • situated in Southern Hungary, in invoting scenery
    • both white and red wines
    • recommended not only for wine-lovers, there is a medieval fortress, a spa and a stunning little town with sights of Turkish origin near the village
  • Eger
    • situated in the northern part of Hungary
    • famous for its „Bull’s Blood” (quality red wine)
    • the town itself offers a gorgeous fortress, healing spa, splendid Baroque buildings, a magnificent basilica and lots of other sights
  • Etyek
    • situated near Budapest (southwest)
    • white wines, tasty cheese, flavoury ham
    • a calm and pleasant place for walking tours, enjoying homemade food
  • Badacsony
    • situated on the northern side of Lake Balaton
    • famous for its white wines
    • amazing landscape
Harvesting grapes, tasting wines or getting acquainted with producing champagne (sparkling wine, officially) are very interesting and give you a special experience..

Or would you like to take part in a cooking course? How about a chocolate making course? Mouthwatering chocolate desserts are always popular with our guests.
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