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Hungary is very rich in thermal and medicinal waters, many of them have curative effect to different kind of illnesses and problems, such asrheumatic diseases, locomotor disorders, gynaecological and skin problems.

The most famous medicinal water can be found in Hévíz. Its biologically active thermal lake is unique in the world, the temperature in summer is 33-36, in winter 24-26 degrees Centigrade. The lake itself and its surroundings are worth visiting at any time.

„Mecca for people suffering from rheumatic diseases” people say about Hajdúszoboszló. This small town and the neighbouring city, Debrecen, worth mentioning as well. Debrecen has an international airport, so if you arrive from e.g. UK, ask your ticket office.

If you have psoriasis, one of the best places is Harkány, its water is similar, concerning its curative effect, to the Dead Sea. This small town is situated near Villány wine region.

Sárvár, Bükfürdő, Zalakaros and other bath towns are also worth mentioning. You can be sure that you are in the right place if you visit any of these cities and try their health services.

Apart from healing, these waters are used for wellness purposes as well. Spa and wellness hotels are „three-generation hotels”, all family members can find treatments or programs of their needs.

More and more people arrive to Hungary with dental purposes as well. Hungarian dentists are very good at helping you have a perfect smile. Dental services are excellent, but affordable, actually, they are cheaper than in Western or Northern countries, even if you calculate the costs with the air ticket and hotel room as well.

Why don’t you spend a week or a little bit more in our beautiful capital and return home with a brand-new, big smile? Combine your holiday with a dental treatment!
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