More and more companies use travelling as an incentive award for their staff, managers, or business partners. Incentive travels can increase their sales, the cooperation of the employees.

We plan and arrange incentives and meetings, and manage the entire program from beginning to end. Although we are not a big company, the staff has in-depth knowledge and wide experience of organising incentive travels and corporate meetings.

Tailor-making of this kind of programs is essential to success that is why our team creates great attractions and exciting itineraries, and unique experiences with emphasis on quality.

Why do we think our services are special? Since we manage these incentives for small groups. If you want your employees to be pampered as a VIP, think small! Small doesn't mean insignificant or worthless. If the organizer is creative and enthusiastic, the program will be memorable.

Just a few exciting details:
  • team-building games, using special vehicles (called „bringóhintó”), on the Margaret Island in Budapest
  • exit games where you canprove your creativity and problems-solving skills
  • filmbuilding is a very fascinating program where you can be a film star for a few minutes
  • driving a Trabi is not an easy task (Trabant is a so-called vehicle, made in ex-East-Germany many years ago, it was used mainly in the „socialist countries”)
  • elegant gala dinner in a castle or museum, or a special venue
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