Women only
These uniquely designed tours are recommended for women, and are accompanied by female staff of Hungary-Special.
Women-only programs offer you a chance to meet new people, to get friends, and to share experiences with other women.

We organise excursions and visits to Hungary's unspoiled places, such as
  • historical and archeological sites (e.g. Aquincum – ruins from the Roman times)
  • museums, galleries,
  • festivals (e.g. Budapest Spring Festival, Jewish Festival in summer),
  • wine regions – different kind of wineries (e.g. Malatinszky or Gere in Villány,
    Demeter in Eger, Haraszthy in Etyek)
  • marketplaces (e.g. Grand Market Hall and MOM Bio Market in Budapest)
and offer you views that will give you a great experience.

Our tours feature small groups of women of all ages.
  • ✓ some trips are aimed at active women, such as
    • biking around the Lake Fertő (World Heritage), Lake Balaton, Lake Tisza
         or Lake Velence, along the Danube Bend
    • walking among the Buda or Pilis Hills, Mátra, Zemplén or Bükk Mountains,
  • ✓ some will be focused on cultural/historic excursions, such as
    • exploring castles of Gödöllő, Keszthely or Fertőd
    • and fortresses of Sümeg, Siklós or Visegrád,
  • ✓ and others may include culinary/wine-tasting events, or cooking classes
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